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This is the 38th Savannah Jazz Festival, which features 27 free performances of live music from around the world - top-notch musicians playing jazz, blues, gospel, pop and more. The festival attracts about 10,000 visitors annually and will take place at the Savannah Convention Center from July 4-7, 2016. The best jazz and blues musicians in the world from the United States and Canada come together for a weekend of world-class music, music and culture.

The event has become a landmark event in the host city of the South, with live music, food, entertainment and a host of food and drink vendors. Georgian visitors can experience the rich history and cultural life of the state at the Georgia Museum of Natural History, the largest museum of its kind in Georgia.

Make free things, you don't have to spend a lot of money to have a good time, and we recommend it because all you need are a few hours of your time and the opportunity to spend a day exploring Savannah's places that offer interesting monuments, beautiful flora and more.

The wide, flat trawl of the Augusta Canal, once used by mules to pull canal boats through the canal's overhang, runs along the canal and the Savannah River. The Big Creek Greenway is one of the most popular hiking trails in Savannah and a popular destination for cycling and hiking. If you have piqued your family's interest in cycling, here are some paths to visit on your next visit.

The festival is organized by the Coastal Jazz Association as part of a major investment provided by Savannah - Chatham County Economic Development Corporation and the Georgia Department of Economic and Community Development. The event is free and public, with the main sponsors being the Savannah Chamber of Commerce and Bob Jones University. Hosted by Savannah College of Art and Design The event will be held under the motto "Art, Food, Crafts, Art and Entertainment."

We work with a variety of venues across GA to help you find the perfect space for your upcoming affair. Our team is decorated with awards and we stand out from other event companies in Savannah.

Celebrity cooking tours and a taste of Savannah are an event you absolutely must attend. It includes a full day of food, wine, cocktails, food trucks and more.

In mid-February there is also a Savannah Irish Festival with Irish live music and dancing. In March there is a big Irish party with a private residence in the historic district. The Remodeling Expo will connect you with leading re-modelers and designers from around the world. In April, the Savannah Hidden Heritage Center's annual Irish Tea Party takes you to the garden of the award-winning Massie Heritage Center and the historic Green Meldrim House, where you can enjoy Southern tea.

The event is open to the public and begins with a St. Patrick's Day parade, with marching bands from around the country. This is the second annual Savannah Irish Festival and the first of its kind in Georgia's capital. It is specifically targeted at the Surgical Technology Educators Conference and aims to be the largest and most comprehensive medical education conference in the United States and one of only a handful of such conferences in America.

Savannah's cultural calendar keeps art in the spotlight year-round, but if there's something going on at the destination, make sure to visit the Savannah Art Museum. The Treuhand Gala is one of the most important events in the art and cultural calendar of the savannah. This annual event brings more than 1,000 artists, musicians, writers, poets and artists from around the world to the savannah for a night of music, food, dance and entertainment.

Join the Repticon team, which brings you the best reptiles, reptiles and other reptiles from around the world for a night of fun and entertainment. Join us at Grayson Stadium for the Georgia Tech football game against the University of Georgia on Saturday, August 26.

As always, check with the organizers before you buy tickets when planning an event. Details of the event are subject to change at any time and AJC will monitor the announcements and keep you informed of any postponements, rebookings or cancellations. It is best to check the venue and organizer before heading to Savannah. You never know who's going to be performing, so check out the lineup and start planning your ticket purchase as soon as possible.

The St. Patrick's Day Parade in Savannah will take place on Tuesday, March 17, starting at 10: 15 a.m. on time. The St. Patrick's Day parade through the streets of Savannah, Georgia's second largest city, will take place on Tuesday, March 18 at 11: 00 a.m. and is the largest parade of its kind in the country. The St. Patrick's Day Parade, Savannah's first ever, is held in April, on March 19.

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