Savannah Georgia Hilton Garden Inn

North Point Hospitality is pleased to announce the opening of the first Hilton Garden Inn in Savannah, Georgia. North Pointhospitality will announce the opening of its first Savannah hotel at the Hilton Gardens Inn on Friday, June 23, 2017 at 6 p.m.

For more information about the Hilton Garden Inn, visit www. Hilton - Garden - or / news - com. The Inn in the Savannah Historic District is part of North Point Hospitality's award-winning guest loyalty program and is affiliated with Hilton Gardens, the world's largest hotel chain with more than 1,000 hotels and resorts in over 100 countries. It is the largest and most popular hotel in Savannah, Georgia, and the second largest in North Carolina, according to the National Association of Hotels and Resorts Association (NAHRA). Hilton Garden Inn is a member of Hilton Rewards, a prizewinning loyalty program for world-class hotel guests.

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Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, North Point Hospitality Group is an award-winning hotel development and operation company that is developing more than 35 hotels from scratch with a total investment of over $400 million. As someone who has been to this house before, what do you have to say to others and what does it mean to you as a newcomer to the area? North Point has a long history of success with hotels in the Atlanta area and around the world.

The hotel offers additional amenities such as an expanded 24-hour gazebo, a state-of-the-art fitness centre and a restaurant and bar. The all-inclusive renovation includes newly designed bathrooms with modern design and high-quality amenities such as showers, private balconies and private terraces. It has a newly designed bathroom with an outdoor shower with a private balcony and shower cabin, as well as a new shower in the hotel lobby and an additional private bathroom on the second floor.

If you want to try something new with your family, where can you put your skates on forever and what would you like to do? It is a few miles away, but also outdoor fun is available and is a great place for family fun and fun with friends and acquaintances of friends.

Hilton Garden Inn is committed to providing a bright and satisfying experience for today's busy travelers upon arrival. As a recognized F.B.I. guide in the hotel industry, we meet the needs of our guests by serving daily cooked breakfasts - to order - and offering a full service restaurant and bar. There are over 70 shops and boutique restaurants in the area that act as a monumental attraction that combines contemporary shopping and dining.

The hotel offers additional amenities such as an expanded 24-hour gazebo, a full-service restaurant, a bar and a spa and fitness centre. The award-winning Hilton Garden Inn in Savannah, Georgia offers upscale, affordable accommodations with modern amenities for both business and leisure travelers for a successful and comfortable stay.

The Garden Salon, which can accommodate groups of up to 110 people, as well as a full-service wellness and fitness centre. The garden salon with its own pool and spa and a private dining room can accommodate groups or over 110 people.

It features a newly designed dining and bar area where guests can meet, order a full cooked breakfast or relax with a cocktail in the evening. It also offers stunning views of the Atlanta skyline, as well as views from the garden salon, pool and spa. Your joy is also taken by the breathtaking views of the beautiful gardens and countryside of the Georgia Hillton Garden Inn.

The house, made even more famous by the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, is also the place where Jim Williams "assistant Mercer was shot. Each room features the brand's signature linens, crisp white duvets and crisp linens, and a microwave with a wide selection of hot and cold cooking facilities. All rooms feature the typical Marche bed linen, which is provided with crisp crisp white duvets and a microwave oven for a quick and simple breakfast or lunch. Each room has a brand-name bed, a dining room with crisp white duvets, fresh linens, an open fireplace, a large kitchen with oven and microwave, and an electric stove.

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