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When most people think of things they can do in Savannah, Georgia, visiting the Railroad Museum probably doesn't come to mind. Given Savannah's history as the railroad capital of the United States and its rich railroad history, I am revered by many railroad enthusiasts who love trains.

Opened in 1886, the museum is the first museum founded by a woman in the United States and tells the story of the civil rights movement in Savannah and its impact on Georgia. Named after Savannah's leader, the NAACP, it takes you on a journey into the civil rights movement and what the civil rights struggle was like for African Americans in Georgia and beyond. I recommend family-friendly museums for the opportunity to bring this to life with moving exhibits suitable for all ages.

Next to the Children's Museum, this attraction houses the former North Depot of the Central Georgia Railroad. The southern depot, which is also preserved, has been converted into the Savannah Visitor Center and History Museum. This two-story open-air museum, located on the site of a former railroad depot in the heart of downtown Savannah, houses more than a dozen exhibits, including the history of railroads, railroad cars, and the city as a railroad city. Located in an old train station in central Georgia, with a unique play area that adds an element of historical charm, the museum is just a short walk from the Georgia State University campus. One of the most popular attractions at the South Georgia Railway Museum is the railroad wagon - which serves the Central Florida Railway building.

Located in historic downtown St. Marys, Georgia, this museum is a great place to learn about the Silent Service. Housed in historic Scarborough House (circa 1819), this museum was home to many of the city's most important civil rights leaders, including the Civil Rights Movement, the NAACP, and the Georgia NAACP.

When visiting the Savannah History Museum, try to visit some of the lectures and demonstrations. Check out the city of Savannah and check out its events calendar to see when events might be taking place during your visit to Savannah. The History Museum, of course, covers the history of Georgia, as well as the civil rights movement and civil rights. If you are interested in any of these topics, we will publish more about them as we continue our journey to Alabama and Louisiana.

A visit to this museum guarantees a great view of the Savannah River and its history, as well as the history of the savannah itself. Some other museums in Savannah - see family-friendly - include the Georgia Museum of Natural History and the Ralph Nader Museum in Atlanta.

If you want to learn more about the vortebellum roots of Southeast Asia, this is a must - see location in Savannah. These affordable museums are a worthwhile option on rainy or cloudy days when exploring the historic savannah on foot doesn't sound so appealing.

If you want to dig for cool historical details and give your kids free rein to roam and play, visit the Savannah Children's Museum. After exploring the children, you can dine at Whistlestop Cafe, where you can dine in an authentic Pullman train carriage built in 1941.

Watch a leisurely round-up of the history museum's curator, Dr. John C. Smith Jr., and your children. Boarding for lunch or dinner, including lunch and dinner at Whistlestop Cafe and free admission to the Savannah Children's Museum.

This historic site teaches visitors about Savannah in its unique way and shows that it is fun to learn about history, especially when you can experience it in person. The history of the city and the historic neighborhoods of Savannah is presented by the Savannah History Museum, the largest and most comprehensive history museum in the United States.

Even the young explorers of the savannah have their own Mecca of discovery at the Savannah Children's Museum in Tricentennial Park. The Science and Natural History Museum has its own dinosaur - obsessed kids stuck at home, but even they have the chance to own the discovery mecca at the Savannah Children's Museum in Trentennial Park. The Georgia State Railroad Museum is a historic landmark and fun time for children and parents alike. From railway sheds to railway trains, this gem offers many opportunities to delight children. It is housed in the historic Savannah Railway Museum, one of the oldest and largest of its kind in North America.

The Georgia State Railroad Museum is located in the beautiful brick buildings of Central Georgia on the grounds of St. Mary's Episcopal Church, one of Savannah's must-see attractions. Massie has put together informative exhibits that are fun for all ages, and no visit to St. Marys is complete without a stop at the Savannah Children's Museum in Trentennial Park or the Natural History Museum.

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