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Savannah may be known as one of the most beautiful cities in the United States, home to the second largest city in the world, but the city is quickly gaining a reputation as a food, drink and dining hotspot. Whether you take these words literally or figuratively, Savannah offers farm cuisine in all its forms, with chefs highlighting the fresh, seasonal ingredients that make up the Georgian city's coastal terroir. Urban hotspots can range from small - small - to big - restaurants with big names, from upscale to casual, our favorite Savannah joints share a common principle: true southern hospitality.

The result is a perfectly executed, authentic experience, from food and drink to service and atmosphere. The menu includes dishes such as Dusted Chicken, Chicken and Desserts, and a wide selection of desserts and cocktails.

None of the restaurants in Savannah listed in this section are exactly what you would call easy in your wallet, but there are some that I have eaten personally and that have a good idea of what they are based on trusted recommendations. Cotton and Rye is a new restaurant that was added to the list after my last visit to Savannah.

This restaurant is a must-see for any foodie in Savannah, especially those with a taste for good food and good wine. The quality of the food, well-selected wines and excellent service make this one of my most recommended restaurants in the savannah. They are a good choice for a quick lunch or dinner with some of Savannah's best and most popular restaurants.

The Chatham Artillery Punch is from the savannah itself, at least from the 19th century (possibly the 18th, though that is debatable), though it dates back to the 17th and possibly even 16th centuries, making it one of the earliest examples of what I was made of when I discovered Savannah cooking. Southern food remains one of my favourites, which immediately brings me to the nostalgia of dishes from my childhood. Delicious as part of a meal or simply served as a butterboard, classic corn bread is definitely on the list of things to eat in Savannah. For this particular meal, however, the grain alone should make it onto the list of all the things you eat around Savannah, and the food in Savannah is the best of both.

No trip to Savannah is complete without a visit to the Savannah, GA Historic District, and pampering yourself at a restaurant in the area is one of the ways to get around the area. This map will mark all the restaurants in Savannah that we will cover so you can eat efficiently anywhere in the city. We updated this map recently, based on the date and content, but it is still a great resource for interested parties.

Best restaurants, we recommend you choose this upscale establishment in one of the oldest buildings in the city for excellent southern cuisine in a beautiful setting. Featuring modern American classics with a southern touch, Public is a reliably delicious and great option if you want to eat in Savannah. They serve a wide range of dishes including chicken wings, pork ribs, shrimp and grits, as well as a wide selection of starters.

This romantic eatery is considered the Grand Dame of Savannah Dining and is a favorite of locals and visitors alike, and is considered one of the best restaurants in Savannah. Back to the Day Bakery is popular with locals and visitors to the savannah, especially in the early morning hours. Housed in a historic building in historic Savannah, this elegant restaurant is often frequented by local artists, musicians and other special events such as concerts and events.

After 45 years of sizzling, the world's best-known steakhouse is closing its Savannah Getaway weekend with a 45-year sizzle. With delicacies served in an elegant dining room in the heart of downtown Savannah, this is the place to be.

For 45 years, this modest Midtown restaurant has served soul food to residents and visitors to Savannah. With antique paintings of ancestors and a fireplace glowing in every room, Olde Pink House is the ultimate savannah setting for the elegant Southern cuisine known around the world. Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room is located in downtown Savannah and has specialized in Southern home cooking in Savannah GA since 1943.

Today, lowland cuisine in the South is most often associated with world-class restaurants like Savannah and Charleston. This restaurant in Savannah, GA's Historic District, takes on the challenge of combining Southern cuisine with fine dining, while practicing authentic Southern hospitality.

This Savannah restaurant and café is still one of the best restaurants in Savannah and has a bit more of a casual, homely feel. Driftaway Cafe, located in the up-and-coming Sandfly district, is one of two local favorites that will delight even the most discerning foodie.

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