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The city of Savannah has a rich and growing performing arts scene, as it is a historically restored urban area and hosts cultural events throughout the year. Recognizing the importance of providing theater to its participants, Little Theatre Savannah invites members of the community to participate on stage. Savannah is the second largest city in Georgia and the third largest in the state of Georgia and is home to Georgia State University, Georgia Tech, the Savannah - Chatham County Convention and Visitors Bureau and the county town of Ch Savannah County.

The annual Savannah Jazz Festival is hosted by the Coastal Jazz Association, and the Savannah Symphony Orchestra, a professional orchestral choir organization, presents its annual concert series at Georgia State University.

A is designed to offer primary school pupils, high school students and adults the opportunity to take part in dramatic musical productions. Choirs that perform for the Savannah Symphony Orchestra, the Savannah Choral Association, and the Savannah Community Choir perform at the community's annual holiday and spring concerts.

Founded in December 1921, Lucas Theater of Art is one of several theatres owned by Savannah College of Art and Design. The theater, once known as the Weis Theater, opened on February 14, 1946, and reopened as the Trustee Theater, has hosted a variety of shows and concerts sponsored by Savannah College of Art and Design since then. The intimate, three-quarter-round room features some of Savannah's best actors.

Georgia Southern University has a satellite campus downtown, and Georgia Tech Savannah, located at the northern end of Skidaway Island, also offers educational programs. E is also home to the Georgia Institute of Technology and Savannah College of Art and Design. In addition, GeorgiaTech offers Savannah Certificate Programs at Georgia State University and the Savannah - Chatham County Community College District.

The Savannah Tribune and the Savannah Herald are two of the most respected newspapers in the city for local news and information. The Savannah - Chatham County Courthouse, the oldest building in Savannah, was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978 and is one of a number of historic buildings that have survived, as well as the Georgia State University Library and Savannah Public Library.

Other picturesque towns that border Savannah are Savannah - Chatham County Park, a three-unit residential area that began as a summer retreat for Savannahians, and the Savannah River Valley.

This freeway connects the south side of Savannah with the industrialized port area of the city to the north via DeRenne Avenue. It runs through Savannah and is designed to divert traffic to avoid the heavy traffic on Abercorn Street. Interstate 16 intersects Interstate 95 and Interstate 516 at the intersection of North Savannah Road and North Augusta Road in Savannah, Georgia.

Interstate 95 intersects with Interstate 16, which leads to downtown and provides access to Savannah International Airport and Georgia World Congress Center. Interstate 95 continues to run along the south side of Savannah, connecting the cities with the waterfront industrial area and Savannah - Chatham County, Georgia.

Amtrak operates a passenger terminal in Savannah, where Amtrak's Palmetto Silver Service trains run between New York City and Miami. Since September 2008, DayJet has been offering on-demand flights between Savannah and Southeast cities.

In 2000, one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-speed rail systems, Georgia Power, built its first rail line from Savannah to Charleston, South Carolina. One of several Confederate strongholds that defended Savannah from Union troops during the Civil War, it was part of a buffer built to protect the Carolinas from the Spanish, Florida, French and Lousians. In the mid-19th century, US Presidents Edward E. Kennedy and George H.W. Bush sent their wives and children to create a buffer south of the Savannah River to protect the city from attack by the sea.

He is a licensed clinical and professional counselor in the states of Maryland and Georgia and is also a state certified counselor, awarded by the National Board of Certified Counselors. He is an active member of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and the Georgia Orthopaedic Society. Inc., he helps patients in Savannah with renowned orthopaedic surgeons and runs his own medical practice in Jacksonville, North Carolina, where he lives with his wife and two children after retiring from the military.

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